Friday, April 29, 2011

'Shame on You' Sally Kern: Oklahoma's Very Own Bonehead Gets Blasted

Rep. Sally Kern is having a very bad week. It's her own fault, of course, since she's the one trotting out bogus stereotypes and cliches about blacks and women. 

The Oklahoma City Republican (and preacher's wife!) has been criticized in Oklahoma and across the nation for stating—on the floor of the House of Representatives—that blacks don't study hard because they think the government will take care of them. (Of course!)

Oh, and women—"they tend to spend more time at home with their families," Kern said. (Girls just want to be moms, after all.) 

The Tulsa World was having none of this nonsense, publishing an editorial blasting Kern for reverting to the racism and sexism of the 1950s. The paper also pointed out (correctly) Kern's hypocrisy:
Sally Kern, the proud Christian and wife of a minister, continues to say and do unChristinalike things.

The House ought to take action and punish Kern.
In the meantime, all we can say is shame, shame on you, Rep. Kern.

We're not so keen on punishing Kern, a dim-witted and thin-skinned person who loves to play the victim. But we agree that Kern needs to be shamed for pretending that all blacks are lazy and all women just love to cook and clean.

Those are tired stereotypes that should have been dispelled long ago. Sally Kern needs to figure that out.


TedTheCat said...

Sally Kern is a horrible, hateful person who should be shamed, but her racist opinions are not unChristian. She falls within the historical mainline of Southern Christians who cite the Bible to justify racism.

For centuries Southern Christians justified slavery and oppression of Blacks with the "curse of Ham" story from the Bible. The way they read the Bible it requires the subjugation of Black people.

Just last month the New York Times reported a survey that showed that 46 percent of Mississippi Republicans not only oppose interracial marriage but believe it should be legally banned. Why? Well, the Bible says so.

Historically the South has been the most Christian part of the country and at the same time the most evil and oppressive part of the country. Christianity is not the same thing as morality and that is very clear in the area of race relations.

Tulsan said...

Amen, brother.

Former Tulsan said...

As a former Tulsan Living in New York, I read with embarrassment and shock at some of Sally Kern's statements. How she could make these statements and claim to be a "good Southern Christian" shows these hypocrites at their worst. I cannot imagine what kind of Oklahomans will continue to keep this horrible woman in office.

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