Monday, April 18, 2011

Headline of the Day: "Fallin flip-flops" on Federal Healthcare Grant

Yes, Sooner fans, Gov. Mary Fallin goofed. First she was for it, then—under Wingnut pressure—she wasn't.

The item in question is the $54 million federal grant to set up a health insurance exchange, part of the health reform program passed last year.

In an editorial, the Tulsa World noted (correctly) that Fallin has been on both sides of this grant. When she was being practical, she was for it. After all, it's money that, as the newspaper put it, "could have been put to good use." 

But no. With all the strength of a wet noodle, Fallin bowed before the altar of the Tea Party and its allies. She rejected the grant.

This makes no sense, but logic is not a notion the Wingnuts are familiar with. Following their reasoning (another foreign concept), the World notes that the state should immediately start returning federal money for military bases, food stamps, Medicaid and Medicare, and Social Security.

Okies don't need no stinkin' federal funds. Oh wait. Yes we do. 

Lots of Oklahomans depend on federal money for all kinds of jobs and other support. In a state with high rates of poverty and numerous health-related problems (read: smoking), Fallin made a dumb move. Call it a flip-flop.

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