Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sen. Jim Inhofe Landing "Scared the Crap" Out of Texas Airport Workers

Tulsa's very own Jim Inhofe "scared the crap" out of a group of Texas airport construction workers last year when he intentionally landed his small plane on a closed runway. 

That was the news released today by The Smoking Gun, a website that published the gory details of Inhofe's landing, one that endangered the lives of workers as he hopscotched over trucks and other construction equipment.

Inhofe, the state's senior U.S. senator (emphasis on senior) landed on the runway despite a huge yellow X marking the runway as closed.

The amazing "crap" link (with actual audio!) to The Smoking Gun is here. It's worth a listen. It's also a vivid reminder of Inhofe's lack of judgment in a life or death situation. 

P.S.—The official report on Inhofe's landing is also on The Smoking Gun site. It's very interesting reading.

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