Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Trouble with Mary: Fallin Brings in Mississippi's Barbour

Mary Fallin seems determined to drive up her negatives. Why else would she bring Mississippi Gov. Haley (Big Boy) Barbour to Tulsa for a private fundraising event?

Rep. Fallin, the Republican Party nominee for governor, ought to be connecting to ordinary Oklahoma voters. Instead, she turned up at a private event (no common folks allowed) in Tulsa with Barbour, former GOP National Chairman and full-time partisan wingbag. 

That's right, Sooner fans, Fallin is looking to Mississippi for enlightened political leadership. That's the same great state that is 50 out of 50 in nearly every meaningful statistical indicator. 

Mississippi: Not the first place most Oklahomans would look for an inspiring example. 

As the Tulsa World noted, Barbour is "a longtime GOP insider and lobbyist"—no fresh face here.

Then there's this: Big Boy Barbour has complained loudly about federal spending, but used federal stimulus money to balance his state's budget. 

Mary Fallin and Big Boy Barbour claim that they want "to take back the country." Apparently, they want to take it down too, all the way down to Mississippi's level. 

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Tulsan said...

She'll need to work Sharron Angle-harder if she wants to be defeated in this red state. I hope she succeeds.