Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Jon Stewart Exposes the Fox News Hearing Problem

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Tulsan said...

Latest from right-wing Tulsa blogger Man of the West: So, Just What Do You Think Is Going to Happen?

MotW feels strongly that federal spending comes with a heavy social agenda. First, he complains about the California decision on gay marriage. Check. Then abortion. Check. Then "Obamacare." Check. Illegal aliens. Check.

He quotes an unidentified Medicare recipient as saying "**** it, they already cut half a trillion dollars from Medicare Advantage to pay for medical care for people who are still able to work!"

Then he quotes her daughter also unnamed, as saying: "When they first started talking about this, I told Mom that socialized medicine has never been anything but legalized genocide for the elderly and unfit!"

You heard right, Medicare has always been about genocide. Check.

His bottom line?

"It's been building, coming to a head for a long time, but it is fairly obvious that there is a big division in this country. You can easily see it geographically. At least fifty percent of the country is dead-set against the way this country is heading. I think you could make a case for another twenty percent that is, after eighteen months of Barack Hussein Obama, peace be upon him, starting to pull with that fifty percent.

"What do you think is going to happen? Can you not see that we have a situation wherein more liberal urbanites are pitted against more traditional, more rural citizens on subject after subject? Doesn't common sense and experience tell you that something big--I can't say for sure what--is approaching?"

Yep. Git out the Johnny Reb flags and the heavy artillery. It's time for the sensible, right-thinking folks to bear arms and restore the US of A to a God-fearin' nation. The South will do it agin!