Monday, August 16, 2010

Obama Was Right on the Mosque

The wingbags and know-nothings have (quite predictably) jumped all over it, but President Obama got in right the other day on the proposed mosque two blocks from Ground Zero in New York City.

As the president noted, the United States of America permits freedom of religion. Indeed, the First Amendment establishes that principle, independent of popular opinion.

Unlike some autocratic nations, the U.S. doesn't tell people what to believe or how to worship. The U.S. is not, and should never be, a place were the government dictates religious beliefs or doctrines.

Sure, that's an unpopular position, which is why we need the First Amendment and a president who supports it wholeheartedly.

Over at The Daily Beast, writer Mark McKinnon has offered his considered opinion. It's worth a look. His comments are here: Obama Was Right on the Mosque


Tulsan said...

Reader DE at TPM hits this dumb meme on the head:


I can't help but think that this whole mosque controversy is explicable in a lot simpler political terms than the explanations we have been seeing from pundits and commentators, i.e., that Republicans are promoting a clash of civilizations, shifting away from George W. Bush's position on Islam, etc.

Republicans ALWAYS run on symbolic issues. Their substantive positions are not popular. People don't like tax cuts for the rich, they don't like endless military commitments, they don't like corporatism, they don't like lax regulations, etc. So Republicans always pick some symbolic, unimportant issue and make it sound like it's the most important thing in the world. This is nothing more than the flag factory, the swift boats, and Reverend Wright all over again.

Anonymous said...

OBAMA is wrong he is always wrong and when I agree with him he is lying. In this case again he is wrong because he is again standing with a group that hates America and against the will of the people. These lying Muslims hide behind our freedoms when there mission is to destroy those very freedoms. In their own nations hey don't allow freedom of religion, expression or politics and yet we allow them to abuse ours against us. these Mosques are trojan horses in America. (Like Oblahblah in our White House). Interesting how libs lash out at any Jude o Christian activities yet get all first amendment like when enemies of