Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Karen Hughes is an Idiot: Bush Loyalist Gets It Exactly Wrong

Karen Hughes worked for President George W. Bush. One of her jobs was to try to improve the image of the U.S. in the rest of the world, including the Arab world.

In short, Hughes should know that the organizer of the so-called Ground Zero mosque is a Muslin moderate. After all, in the Bush years, she worked with the guy. She knows him and knows he's no radical.

Now, in a fit of apparent insanity, Hughes is opposing the mosque, pretending she doesn't know the man and acting as if it will be a monument to anti-Americanism.

It won't be. But Hughes is an idiot. The details here: Karen Hughes doesn't remember.

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Tulsan said...

I don't think Hughes is an idiot. I think she thinks the base is comprised of idiots. I also think she is right...she'll probably get away with it, with the help of the GOP media machine.

Maybe independents will take note.