Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Dim Bulb Express: Sarah Palin Coming to Tulsa

One of the dimmest bulbs in the conservative firmament is coming to T-town.

Yes, Sooner fans, none other that Saint Sarah of Alaska, Sarah Palin, former half-term governor, will be in Tulsa soon as a speaker for an Oklahoma conservative "think" tank (using "think" in the loosest possible sense).

With Palin as the big draw, you know these folks are less interested in working policy solutions or and governance than in superficial grandstanding and rhetorical silliness.

Then there's this bit of news from Florida, a sign that the Palin bandwagon (such as it was) is slowly grinding to a halt:

"An Evening of Hope with Sarah Palin," an event featuring the former Alaska Governor, was supposed to be a minor blockbuster in Jacksonville, Florida, next week, but not everything has gone as planned.
Slow ticket sales have forced event organizers to move the function from the 2,936-seat Moran Theatre to the significantly smaller 609-seat Terry Theatre.


Tulsan said...

Palin is smart in one regard. She seems to realize that her window to massively bilk gullible conservatives may be limited. So she is going for the gold while she can.

Then again, given the IQs on parade at previous Palin events, she may have a longer-running career ahead than she thinks.

But sooner or later, she will wind up on a dumb reality show.

Anonymous said...

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