Friday, June 18, 2010

Texas Congressman Joe Barton Becomes New National Punchline

Thanks to Texas congressman Joe Barton, a pro-oil Republican, the late night comedians have a juicy new target.

Here's a quick sample from Jimmy Kimmel:
Rep. Joe Barton of Texas took it upon himself to apologize to BP CEO Tony Hayward for a political "shakedown." He later apologized for his apology and explained that he hadn't seen the news in two months, and didn't know that BP recently destroyed the ocean.


Tulsan said...

Why are hideously stupid people like Barton anywhere near the reins of power in this country?

We have elevated morons like this at our own risk.

China is likely to surpass us as world leader in this century because their leadership isn't hamstrung by special interests and their armies of marching morons like the Tea Party.

Only we we realize our mantle is well and truly slipping or gone will we wake up and apply our brainpower to the world's problems, of which there are many looming up in the 21st Century.

Tulsan said...

That blubbering demogogue Glenn Beck is a rectal thermometer telling us we are running a fever.