Wednesday, June 16, 2010

GOP Race for Governor: The Brogdon Train Hasn't Left the Station

It's hardly a big surprise, but Rep. Mary Fallin is primed to the be next governor of Oklahoma. Recent polls suggest that Fallin, a Republican, can beat any Democratic challengers. 

Fallin is also a huge favorite over State Sen. Randy Brogdon of Owasso, a Tenth Amendment true believer and Tea Party type who wants to take the state back to the glory days of the 1930s.

Brogdon has fans in the Tulsa area, including Tulsa blogger Michael Bates. But Brogdon is a long shot at best, as the NewsOn6 has noticed. They put the GOP race this way:
Fallin looks like a shoo-in in the Republican primary, leading her nearest challenger, State Senator Randy Brogdon, by almost 50 points.
So Fallin has a mere 50-point lead in the polls. Looks like Brogdon has a lot of work to do before the primary.

Good luck, Randy. You'll need it.


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Anonymous said...

I guess it's time to start dragging Fallin's dirty laundry from the days when she had her relatives running the film commission, charging money for talent to get "listed". What a smooth scam that was.

Tulsan said...

Bates Ha Ha time

Bates is back with more dire warnings about G.T. Bynum's proposal to add "sexual orientation" to the city's human resources anti-discrimination policy:

"The ultimate use to which these propositions are put is to silence those who hold traditional opinions of homosexual behavior. The only permitted opinion about homosexual behavior will be approval and celebration."

"...these rules aren't just about silencing opinions in the workplace but are weapons that can be wielded against religious coworkers any time a homosexual employee feels slighted."

Oh, these poor, downtrodden traditional religionists! They are nowhere near a minority, but they always feel threatened. Will their freedom to slight never have sufficient safeguards?

"If you're unfamiliar with the 'ratchet effect,' it's a phrase originated by Keith Joseph, Margaret Thatcher's political mentor, in reference to the seemingly inevitable shift toward socialism and away from economic freedom in Britain, but the term's use has been generalized to social policy by the observation that movement away from traditional values is almost never reversed."

Yes, socialism is that insidious! Even robust Tulsa Bible Belt types need help avoiding the abyss of non-discrimination. It's serious! How serious? Bates:

"Any councilor voting in support of this leftward shift is either not really a conservative or too naive to be trusted with higher office."

Tulsa - Socialism - Nazism - Augghhhh!

Tulsan said...

Bates is standing strong with our erstwhile buddy, candidate Brent Rinehart.

(If you are wondering if this insanely stupid comic strip is for real, yes it is.)

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Bates today:

"UPDATE 2010/06/18: It passed as expected, 6-3. Now it goes to Mayor Bartlett's desk, and we're about to find out whether he is the conservative he claimed to be during the campaign."

Did I miss something? Did Bartlett campaign on a platform that would support imagined future slights to traditional religionists by gay city employees that could be turned into imaginary legal cases against said beleaguered religionists, resulting in further creeping of socialism into the city of Tulsa?

I must have missed reading the "Whirled" that day.

Tulsan said...

From TPM:

In Oklahoma, where oil and natural gas drive the state's economy, tea party favorite Randy Brogdon, a Republican candidate for governor, said federal involvement in the BP disaster is only making the situation worse.

"This is a perfect example of why government should never be involved in the private sector," said Brogdon, a state senator campaigning on limited federal government. "Government is not the solution. It's the problem. The more government tries to get in and regulate the free market, the worse things become."


Brogo saying the shopworn Reagan right-wing mantra isn't going to get him into national office. Sorry, Bates.