Friday, June 11, 2010

Cloud Coo-Coo Land: Rep. Rex Duncan Loses His Mind

Leave it to intrepid state legislator Rex Duncan to protect us from the evils of foreign law.

It's real and its scary—so says Rep. Duncan. Why those danged old liberal judges are bound to make us follow foreign laws any minute now.

Right. And I've got some pristine land on the Gulf coast you can buy for $100 an acre.

The entire silly story here.


Tulsan said...

Another proud moment for Oklahoma.

Konrad said...

What a shame. A man who cares about national sovereignty.

Tulsan said...

Yeah, Duncan is a super-patriot, not a dimwit trying to make points pandering to the ignorant.

TedTheCat said...

After November the Republicans will own the Oklahoma House, Senate and Governor's mansion. The only part of government left that might challenge them is the judicial and so there will be a drum beat of measures proposed to keep Oklahoma's "Liberal Judges" on a short leash. And how better to slander Oklahoma's judges in the minds of ignorant Okies than to suggest that they want to apply Islamic law? Just the accusation is enough to influence some folks. In Walmarts and Quck Trips around Oklahoma people will be talking, "Yawl here them judges want us to live under Islamic law? Yeah, I read it on the internets."

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but Rep. Duncan needs to put in a loon home..permanently..

UNLESS, he really DOES want to implement international law and then we could PROSECUTE GEORGE W. BUSH FOR WAR CRIMES!!! and, put rep. Duncan on the same plane and send him away!!!

Tulsan said...

Ahem... Bush AND Cheney,