Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Night Wine Blogging: Woodbridge 2007 Pinot Noir (from France!)

Yes, we know that Woodbridge is a California winery started by the late wine evangelist Robert Mondavi. But this Pinot Noir is a French import—it says so right on the bottle.

That's just fine with us—we like good wine at a fair price no matter what its origin or label.

The 2007 Woodbridge Pinot comes from Pays de l'Herault, a place (in France, of course) we know nothing about.

Despite our ignorance, we found the wine worked with salmon, just like it said on the back label. And to continue the winemaker's blurb, it is somewhat "silky" with generalized "spice flavors."

For the price—we paid under $10—this Pinot a perfectly pleasant red wine, intense enough to stand up to the salmon and soft enough to drink with a mild cheese.

Or just to sip on an easy Friday night—that works too.

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