Monday, June 14, 2010

Annals of Not-So-Compassionate Christian Behavior: Count the Weeks, Fire the Teacher

Check out this story of holier-than-thou "Christian" behavior in Florida. We're just so glad that these school folks never, ever committed any sins of any kind. Never. Could not happen.

Why? Because they are perfect and, well, everybody else is not. They (that is, everybody else) are sinners who have to be punished.

Here's the report:
Newlywed Jarretta Hamilton, an elementary school teacher in her late 30s at Southland Christian School in Florida, went to her supervisors last year to be congratulated on her pregnancy and request maternity leave. But things took an unexpected turn when administrators asked just when, exactly, did she conceive? Refusing to bear false witnesses, Hamilton admitted to the prying busybodies that she had become pregnant three weeks before her wedding day.
In response, Hamilton was fired for engaging in "fornication." Conveniently, this also meant that the school was off the hook for paying maternity leave. Then, in an added insult and violation of Hamilton's privacy, her premarital conception was made public to others in the school and parents.


Tulsan said...

Hey, another great idea for Bates to champion on his blog. And MotW could complain about the existence of public "government" schools at all.

Monk-in-Training said...

The bonus here is that they punish a woman! I wonder how many male teachers there impregnated someone prior to a wedding?

Seriously, do these people not realize how they damage the Gospel by this?

Tulsan said...

More "family values" in Louisiana politics...

Amusing reader commentary from Talking Points Memo:

"That David Vitter maintains a 20 point lead over Charlie Melancon is a significant moment in our nation's politics. Just as only Nixon could have gone to China and only Clinton could have reformed welfare, so too can only a family-values, conservative break down that barrier preventing politicians from openly cavorting with prostitutes."