Monday, February 8, 2010

Truth-O-Meter Time: Palin's Charges Again Prove False

Sarah of Alaska is at it again. Devoid of substance but free with her political clap-trap, ex.-Gov. Sarah Palin has made claims about the president that can't be supported. In short, she invents "facts" and passes them off as truth. 

The good people at PolitiFact have checked her claim that Obama often voted present when he served in the U.S. Senate.

Oh—that evil Obama. Always pulling the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting public. Except, of course, he didn't.

PolitiFact concludes with a definitive statement: 
Palin's statement is incorrect in two ways. She initally appears to suggest that Obama had only 150 days of experience in the U.S. Senate, which is inaccurate. She then says he voted present many times, which also is not correct. He never voted present in the U.S. Senate. So we find her statement False.

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