Thursday, February 18, 2010

Could Mayor Bartlett Be Recalled? Some Tulsans Think So

KTUL Channel 8 is reporting tonight that a group of Tulsa citizens is hoping to recall Mayor Dewey Bartlett. 

Talk about a short honeymoon. Bartlett was elected in November and took office in December. From the story:
"He didn't want to negotiate the right way so we're calling him out on it -  maladministration of office," explains Melissa Shaw, who's heading the recall effort.
Read or watch the Channel 8 story here.


Man of the West said...

Bartlett ticked me off from the beginning. I thought he'd be a terrible choice for mayor (which is not at all the same thing as saying that I think Adelson would have been any better), and said so more than once.

Tulsan said...

Melissa Shaw is an emergency room nurse who was involved with the rally for firefighters and police last month.

About one hundred people were part of the rally covered in this Tulsa World article of 1-10-2010.