Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hate and Derangement on the Web, Paranoid Tulsa Edition

AltTulsa believes in free speech. We believe in debate and discussion, even raucous debate and discussion. 

But not all speech is good speech. Some speech is harmful. Some speech is hateful and vile. Some speech does harm to the body politic, promoting violence and hatred. 

That brings us to the World Wide Web, which can be both wonderful and enlightening, as well as disgusting and terrible. 

Checking the web today, we found a series of Tulsa postings in the latter category, statements that  advance lies, half-truths and error.

The subject of most of this vitriol is Barack Obama (of course), who has been targeted by a Tulsan (or two) with a nasty streak. Worse, he (or she) is uninformed, paranoid and a really terrible speller. 

Democracy needs educated and thoughtful citizens. We submit that this Tulsan doesn't measure up. Some samples from four recent posts:
Obama continues to fall from grace of his own Socialist party but plans to increase his popularity by more speeches and photo shoots with the Crotchless Bomber a/k/a Johnnie No Balls or Bennie the Bean as he is called in Chicago Politics.
Times are difficult for your President, Barak Hussein Obama. It was reported that Obama has not slept for 58 hours straight and refused to eat on five occasions before 5:30 a.m. Central Standard Time.
Obama takes the oath of office for the Progressive Movement in Washingtron. It goes like this..... " Do you slalemly swear to Shoot for the Moon and report to Campaign Headquarters in the home of Bill Ayers on a weekly basis ( Yes ). Will you keep a stiff upper lip and extended finger when addressing the Democratic Caucus (Yes ). Will you uphold the fascist cause even if you must lie to the American people ( Absolutely Yes..Are you kidding me.....No Problem ) Will you clean the stalls and shine our shoes when asked . ( Does a bear s____in the woods).
Every time the man talks it becomes more and more obvious that he is nothing more than a smooth talking organizer glorified in his own narcist self. A neurosis of malignant origin that will end in self destruction. America must seperate itself from this errotic mania mentality and the time starts NOW ! I am an Independent Tea Party Supporter. 

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Tulsan (not that one) said...

Remember Brent Rinehart, that wacko who drew an insanely stupid and homophobic comic book for his campaign in Oklahoma?

Drew Edmondson said of him, "A drowning man tends to thrash about. Nothing Rinehart says is worthy of comment or rebuttal."

Same goes for this idiot.