Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dead Blogs: Some Tulsa Blogs Fall Silent

Tulsa bloggers come and go—that's the nature of the digital medium. People and groups start out with a bang and, in time, slowly fade away.

Not so long ago, for example, a group of local scribblers went online collectively as Tulsa Bloggers. If we recall correctly, the group had ambitious plans, including video podcasts and the like. Their homepage included several prominent voices, several of which are now lost in cyberspace. 

Former city councilor Chris Medlock made a splash for a while with Medblogged, a political site now dormant. Another local blog, MeeCiteeWukor, provided news from the perspective of a Tulsa city employee. It too has vanished.

Then there was Our Tulsa World, a blog not connected to the local newspaper (despite its name). OTW can't be found on the web these days either.

On the plus side, new blogs continue to emerge in T-town and around the Sooner state. For a list, check the Blog Oklahoma website here.


Rena said...

You might be able to find the old site contents in the Wayback Machine at if you remember the URL.

Tulsan said...

I'll be content to let those blogs rest in peace.

Tulsan said...

Speaking of Tulsa bloggers, I see that Bates is still flogging his term, "the Money Belt."

He created this construct as a way to focus populist resentment against what he considers the control he thinks the moneyed class is exerting in city affairs.

Prominent in that class, of course, would be the owners of the Bates-despised Tulsa "Whirled" (another failed Bates attempt at meme creation.)

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