Thursday, November 1, 2007

ORU May Sell TV Station to Reduce Debt

The latest news from South Lewis Avenue, location of the financially troubled Oral Roberts University, involves selling the school's television station.

Today's Tulsa World reports that ORU could sell its station to help reduce the school $52 million debt.

ORU owns KGEB Channel 53, which carries broadcasts of Richard Roberts, son of Oral, and Richard's wife, Lindsay.

The World also reports that Miami minister Guillermo Maldonado spoke at the school this week and gave students a message from the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit told him that "every time the people raise their hands, I will strike the enemy." Shouting helps too, Maldonado said.

It was a deal too good to pass up, apparently, and the students raised their hands and shouted.

A word to Satan: Stay the hell away from South Lewis Avenue.


Tulsan said...

"The debt accumulated from years and years and years and years of borrowing...The board is working on it, doing everything we can to get rid of it." - ORU board of regents Chairman George Pearsons.

One distasteful but time-tested way of getting rid of debt is to pay it off. Welcome to the reality-based world!

Jason said...

Another way to get out of debt could be making money online. There are literally millions of people succeeding with this. Even if you make a few hundred dollars extra per month with no costs to it, would this not help getting out of debt faster? Even tough I agree it will be quite hard for a school to do this. Maybe a good project to set up for all of the students?