Friday, November 9, 2007

It's Official: The Torture Presidency Rolls On

President Bush has made it perfectly clear: "The United States does not torture," he has said.

But the President's words ring hollow in light of the Senate vote last night, a vote that confirmed Michael Mukasey as the nation's new attorney general.

As we noted yesterday, there are principled reasons to question Mukasey's fitness for office. After all, the man could not admit that waterboarding is a form of torture. He even pretended to be ignorant of the exact nature of waterboarding, a ruse that allowed him to sidestep additional questions about waterboarding.

The President and his Administration continue to thumb their nose at common decency as well as international standards of morality. Administration actions continue to tarnish the nation's proud tradition of civil liberties and individual dignity.

For America's sake, let's hope that the nation's new chief law enforcement officer, Michael Mukasey, has the guts to stand up to his boss and others in the government. If he does, he may save the nation yet more embarrassment on the world stage.

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Anonymous said...

"in light of the Senate vote confirming Mukasey as Attorney General" Uh, the last time I looked, Democrats control the Senate.