Friday, November 23, 2007

News Flash: ORU's Richard Roberts Resigns

ORU President Richard Roberts has resigned, according to press reports. The resignation comes after damaging charges against Roberts made in a lawsuit filed by three former professors as well as a recent "no confidence" by the tenured faculty.

We haven't a clue about what this means for the school, but it may help stabilize an institution that's had a lot of bad news lately.

The Tulsa World has more—much more—about ORU's recent troubles on its website here.

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Tulsan said...

I haven't a clue what this means either, but it probably comes down to money.

Oral was the rainmaker. Richard provided continuity in the story by filling the role of patriarchal totem.

But is Richard himself a strong fund raiser? Can the university stay raise money without a Roberts at the helm, at least symbolically?

Beats me.