Friday, November 2, 2007

Earth to Dick: Get Your Latin American Dictators in the Right Latin American Country

We know Dick Cheney has a loose grip on reality. And we know that everyone has an occasional mental meltdown.

Still, we were surprised that Cheney confused the nation led by persistent U.S critic Hugo Chavez. Chavez, as alert readers will recall, is the president of Venezuela. But here's Cheney's response when asked about Chavez earlier this week:
My own personal view is that he does not represent the future of Latin America. And the people of Peru [sic], I think, deserve better in their leadership. But that’s obviously a matter they’ve got to resolve for themselves.


Tulsan said...

Maybe Cheney fixated on his Reagan era briefings about the Shining Path, Communist Party of Peru, which came active in 1980.

Come to think of it, Cheney seems perpetually prone to fighting today's battles from yesterday's perspectives.

Alternative Tulsa said...

tulsan: "Fighting today's battle's from yesterday's persepctives"—you may be on to something.

Dan Paden said...

Now, come on. Do you really think that the VP of the United States doesn't know where Chavez rules? Or do you think that he simply misspoke?

God forbid you should ever be in a position where every word you spoke publicly was subject to scrutiny. I wonder if you would ever misspeak.

Tulsan said...

I'm sure Cheney misspoke, but he may not have that firm a grip. He has fallen asleep at several briefings recently. I do believe my general point about Cheney stands.