Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Birthday to Us; AT Turns 1 This Week

That's right, dear readers, AltTulsa is one year old as of tomorrow.

Maybe we'll celebrate Monday with an Americano from our favorite Tulsa coffee shop, Shades of Brown in Tulsa's Brookside neighborhood.

During our 12 months of blogging, we have reported on and critiqued a host of local, state and national issues. We've plugged a few of our favorite magazines, books and authors, as well as some alternative movies and documentaries, mostly films playing at Tulsa's amazingly interesting Circle Cinema.

We even managed to attract a few readers along the way.

We're also pleased to report that we even got a nomination as "Best Political Blog" in the Okie Blog Awards, which was a terrific bit of confirmation for our "alternative" mission in the Sooner state.

But perhaps we're most pleased that we kept up a steady stream of posts during the past year, nearly 500 posts in the 364 days since we started. Yes, many of them were short, but we think brevity is a virtue in blogging. It helps us focus.

Besides, we do have an actual life beyond the blogosphere—contrary to all those stereotypes about lonely, pencil-necked geeks blogging all night from some dingy basement apartment. (For the record, our apartment is on the second floor.)

In any case, thanks for reading. And keep those comments and criticisms coming—it keeps the site lively.

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Tulsan said...

Congratulations! Tulsa was sorely in need of articulate alternative voices on the internet, and you have supplied a strong and clear one.