Monday, June 11, 2007

Who Should We Kill? Tulsa Blogger Advocates Shooting Illegal Immigrants

Tulsa blogger David Arnett has the answer for all those illegal immigrants sneaking across the southern border: Shoot 'em.

In an "editorial analysis" on his Tulsa Today site, Arnett calls on President Bush to send U.S. troops to the border to prevent illegals aliens from coming to the U.S. If the illegals persist, Arnett writes, the border should be "secured by whatever force is required."

Arnett continues:

Let [the world] note that citizens caught in the act of committing crime may be shot dead if they do not surrender to the authority of law. Should we do less for foreign lawbreakers? Are foreigners greater than citizens?

Sounds good, doesn't it? With the U.S. military armed to the hilt and ready to fire, those dirty illegals will run back to deepest Mexico never to be seen again.

Or maybe not. Why not? Because this is jingoistic nonsense of the lowest kind. It's also unethical and immoral. It's not what Jesus would do.

Does Arnett's "whatever force is required" include, say, mining the border? That would kill a lot of illegals. How about bombing the illegal aliens? Hey, we can bomb Mexican cities—that might slow 'em down. How about using nuclear bombs? We have a stockpile and we haven't used them since 1945.

And who exactly do we want to shoot? Men over 18? What about teenage boys? Or boys under, say, 10 years of age. (We're sure the soldiers will be able to tell the difference.)

And then there's the illegal women and children crossing the border. Are American GIs supposed to shoot them too? Can we overlook pregnant women or women carrying babies, or do we have to kill them too?

Memo to David Arnett: Next time you advocate genocide, think about what your saying. And stop peddling fear.


T Town Tommy said...

If our government committed this type of gross Human Rights violations we would be no better than the Mexican Government. Mexico has a long and well documented history of this type of radical behavior of killings and abuse protecting their 750 mile southern border. We are better than Mexico. It is the corruption of their government and those in Central America that force mass economic and social migration to the US.

Anonymous said...

Kill them all. Every man woman and child that jumps the fence or crosses the line should there be no fence there. Americans need to shoot them plain and simple. Nothing else will discourage them from coming over here if they knew there would be armed forces waiting to kill them. If that provokes a full Border War so be it. Let them die.