Thursday, June 28, 2007

OU's Bad Timing: Tuition Increases 9.7 Percent on the Same Day Coaches Get Big Raises

Talk about bad timing: On the same day the State Regents for Higher Education approved a 9.7 tuition increase for OU students, the university announced major salary increases for a slate of OU coaches.

Some highlights:

Sherri Coale, women's basketball coach: $250,000 raise

Jeff Capel, men's basketball coach: $100,000 raise

Bob Stoops, football head coach: $25,000 raise (but his previous salary was already $2.6 million)

Brent Venables, football defensive coordinator: $50,000

Kevin Wilson, football offensive coordinator: $40,000

Joe Castiglione, athletic director: $30,000

AltTulsa's take: Draw your own conclusions.