Wednesday, June 27, 2007

More News Headlines We Already Knew

AT's newest nomination for Headline of the Day:
Poll: GOP support for Iraq war wavering

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Buster said...

From Talking Points Memo about Republican support for the Iraq war:

"The key is -- for some liminal period over the next several months -- there's still a paradoxical safety in numbers for Republicans, sticking with the president. But no one wants to be the last one to the door. If you're a Republican congressman and you've been carrying the president's water on Iraq for years you don't want to be on the losing side when the Congress finally ends the war in spite of the president. At that point, even if you flip flop and start saying we've got to change course and try to get on the right side of public opinion, then you're probably just doubly screwed. And if it's mid-2008 at that point you're really not in a good place.

"The truth is that the president is playing a very high-stakes game of chicken with his fellow Republicans. He's driving a hundred miles an hour toward the cliff, way too fast to jump out of the car without risking serious injury. But as the cliff gets closer, they'll start to jump."

Our man Inhofe probably will keep his seat belt on for the ride. He likes to fly.