Monday, June 18, 2007

'The Road' Provides Compelling Journey

Regular readers of AltTulsa will know that we try to keep up with a number of contemporary writers, including the masterful but mysterious Cormac McCarthy.

McCarthy broke precedent a few days ago when he gave an interview to Oprah, who had selected his novel, The Road, for Oprah's Book Club. McCarthy's first television interview inspired us to buy a copy of the book and find an easy chair.

We're happy to report that we've spent a few hours with the novel thus far and it is an amazing story. At the halfway point, where we are, we confess to being fully involved in this bleak but vivid tale.

Since we haven't finished the book, we don't want to offer a final verdict on McCarthy's novel. But based on the pleasure we've found so far in this richly imagined father-son story, we enthuiastically recommend The Road.


Buster said...

Hey, how the heck did Urban Tulsa convince the Association of Alternative Weeklies that they are an "alternative" paper??

Five New Member Papers Admitted to AAN

Alternative Tulsa said...

Buster: Good point. Consistently boosting traditional GOP positions is hardly alternative. It's not even interesting.

Buster said...

Does this mean that Pravda is up for membership. too??

Buster said...

Oh, that's right, Pravda is not a weekly.