Saturday, June 2, 2007

New Golf Plan Contradicts City Hall Rumors

Recent reports in the Tulsa World appear to contradict speculation about Tulsa Mayor Cathy Taylor's secret plans for two city-owned golf courses.

The World reported this week that Mayor Taylor will seek private operators to run the Page Belcher and Mohawk golf courses. The newspaper also quoted City Councilor Rick Westcott, whose district includes Page Belcher. Westcott approves of the mayor's plans.

The city has been subsidizing the golf courses at an annual cost of about $1.5 million, according to press reports.

Last month, former City Councilor Chris Medlock's website, Medblogged, cited unidentified sources who claimed the mayor had arranged a backroom deal with a prominent developer to sell Page Belcher for residential development. Medlock did not name the developer or provide a single named source in his report.

A sale of the property for residential was considered, according to news reports. This week, however, Susan Neal, the mayor's director of community development and education, told the World that the legal restraints prevented a residential development option, undercutting Medlock's unconfirmed conspiracy theory.

We keep checking Medlock's website for a clarification on these developments. So far, he's been silent.


The Anti-Drudge said...

Not much clarification on Batesline, either.

Alternative Tulsa said...

Good point. We noted that as well.