Thursday, June 30, 2011

Tulsa Blogger Steven Roemerman Seeks District 7 City Council Seat

Conservative Republican and local blogger Steven Roemerman wants a seat on the Tulsa City Council.

Roemerman, 35, is offering voters his "strong conservative principles," probably a selling point in Tulsa's District 7, which is now represented by John Eagleton. To his credit, Roemerman wants to "usher in a new age of civility" at city hall.

Few observers would quarrel with that sort of change in local politics, which has been marred for months by bickering and bad faith between councilors and Mayor Dewey Bartlett.

Nevertheless, we have some concerns about Roemerman's candidacy. For one thing, his announcement is includes a dose of grandiose political doubletalk about forging "a future for Tulsa that my children and their children will be proud of."

It's difficult, if not impossible, to know what that means or how Roemerman's ideas might create such a city.

Then there's Roemerman's "civility" push, which may be more hot air than clear-eyed political reality. Indeed, Roemerman's blogroll links to the highly uncivil Michelle Malkin, a bomb-throwing conservative commentator who is hardly a role model for civil discourse.

Given that association, we'd say Roemerman has some way to go to convince voters of the depth of his civility.