Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Good Jab: Barry Friedman's Takedown of Tom Coburn's Ethically Challenged Fraternity

Dr. Tom Coburn, Oklahoma's junior U.S. senator, is taking heat from his role in the John Ensign sex scandal.

In his "At Large" column in the July issue of Tulsa People, Barry Friedman nails the senator for his hypocrisy in the Ensign affair, noting Dr. No's sudden conversion to "Yes" when asked if he "could keep the husband of Ensign's mistress quiet."

Ouch! This hurts—especially when Coburn's "moral outrage toward others [Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich] is legendary,"Friedman notes.

Friedman also recalls that Coburn was outraged again about the nudity in Schinder's List, a serious work on the Holocaust. 

But when his Christian conservative pal (Ensign) needed someone to arrange hush money, Coburn answered the call. "Coburn acted like a fraternity brother who helped get the girl out of dorm before Parents' Weekend," Friedman writes.

Zing! Coburn's moral compass is on the fritz, it seems, and the senator has yet to acknowledge his problem. In fact, he's defended his actions and claimed he did nothing unethical.

As AT has said before, the Ensign affair is not going away. 

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