Thursday, June 23, 2011

Today's Best Political Headline: Why Palin Has No Shot in 2012

Sarah Palin's political future is rapidly dimming. As an op-ed in today's USA Today puts it, "Palin has no shot in 2012."

The authors of the article, two Virginia political activists, point out that Palin's rise to stardom has been achieved by "pure luck." She was "plucked from obscurity in Alaska" by Sen. John McCain in 2008, but her performance since then has dismal.

She quit as Alaska governor after the election, taking the easy path in political life, free to criticize Democrats and other Republicans but bearing no responsibility herself.

We know that Palin has some rabid fans in Red States (like Oklahoma) and in largely Republican cities (like Tulsa). But a small group of passionate supporters, as the op-ed writers make clear, is not a solid base for national political office.

The Palin political moment has come and gone. But there's always reality television.

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Tulsan said...

Recently she bailed out of her bus tour halfway through. It appears that she is a bit of a quitter.