Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Silliness from the Wingnut Crowd: Tulsa Writer Believes Everything He Wants to Hear

Oklahoma will never run out of gullible wingnuts willing to believe anything that suits their fancy.

Who needs facts or evidence or logic? Why bother with boring details like that when you have The Truth on you side?

We're speaking of a recent letter to the Tulsa World that proclaims the treason—or something like it—of President Barack Obama.

Here, for your political enlightenment and reading pleasure, are some of the gems in this epistle:
It has become increasingly obvious that President Obama does not have a valid U.S. birth certificate and is a foreign national who hates America, our military and our way of life.
Wow! Full-bore birthism, without a hint of actual evidence. A couple of questions come to mind: "Increasingly obvious" to whom? That would seem to be a smaller and smaller minority, even among right-wing voters. Where is the evidence for "hating" the military? Oh that's right—no need for silly evidence.
It is also apparent that his ascent to the presidency was orchestrated by the left knowing that he was not eligible under the U.S. Constitution. 
Of course—it's the all-powerful (but secret) left in action, the same socialist-communist-Marxist gang that has already brought down major capitalist corporations like Wal-Mart and Google and Citibank and Exxon and…. Oh wait, these companies seems to be doing okay.
He was groomed for this in Russia in the 1980s to make a push for [a] global Marxist society…
Sure, and we saw Elvis singing in the choir at First Baptist last Sunday. Or is Obama (not Frank Sinatra) the real Manchurian Candidate? But seriously, Obama was born and raised in Hawaii, educated at Columbia University and Harvard Law School and then settled in Chicago.

And he did travel to Russia at one time, which means he must have become a Marxist.

For the wingnuts, of course, all this is just further evidence of Obama's anti-Americanism. Didn't he spend some time in Indonesia as a child? Yes! Aren't Columbia and Harvard elitist ultra-liberal anti-American institutions that indoctrinate America's youth into "foreign" ideas like peace and love? Yes! 

Case closed. Well, if you still believe that was Elvis you saw at church.


Tulsan said...

I noticed that one, too, and wondered how many decades ago brain function flatlined.

Anonymous said...

Where do these folks come from? Either our schools failed or these folks have had too much to drink or some other brain trauma. Never has a birth certificate been required as provided by President Obama, did anyone see W.'s birth certificate. Oh, yeah, only a true Texan could sound that dumb.

offlogic said...

The TW reader comments are proof that newspapers will continue to survive only as long as there's no cure for delusional schizophrenia.
Oh, and "stupid. You can't fix teh stupid.