Saturday, September 11, 2010

Tea Party Blues: The Movement That Was

AltTulsa has long been critical of the Tea Party crowd,  people who seemed long on whining (and faux victimization) and short on solutions. 

No it was no surprise to us to hear that the Tea Party is running out of steam. When all you can do is complain and blame others, there's little hope for an actual political organization with a coherent approach to the nation's problems.

Here's the result from a recent poll:
Support for the Tea Party appears to have flat lined, as only 12 percent of voters consider themselves part of the Tea Party movement, compared to 14 percent in earlier surveys. Voter favorability of the Tea Party is split 30 - 31 percent, also down slightly to the lowest score.
Tea Party icon Sarah Palin gets a negative 31 - 50 percent favorability.

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Tulsan said...

They certainly seemed too incoherent to keep up the steam. Fox and the GOP will have to go back to the drawing board.