Friday, September 17, 2010

Palin's Problem: Her Popularity Fades as She Campaigns

The half-term governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, has a problem.

She's flying around the country—she was in Tulsa this week—reciting platitudes and anointing Tea Party winners (in Delaware on Tuesday) while her own numbers continue to fall.

The latest NY Times/CBS News poll shows that Palin's own popularity is down 9 percentage points since April.

Even her endorsements don't cut much weight among the general electorate, according to the poll. "Only one in 10 [of those polled] said her support would make them more likely to support a candidate," the Times reported.

But there's some good news for Palin in the numbers as well. Turns out, that Fox News viewers like Palin a lot. Big surprise here—not!

Hmmm. Appears as if those people who want news they can agree with—as opposed to, say, actual facts and hard realities—really, really like a former politician who can wink and spout niceties at the same time.


Man of the West said...

You're kidding me. "Popuality?"

Betcha Sarah Palin could spell her titles right...

Tulsan said...

Some of her titles: "Miss Popuality", "Miss Congenitality" and last but not least, "Miss Information"