Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pushing Hate: Right-wing Rhetoric Gets Hotter

Those fun-loving right-wing pundits are having so much fun these days.

It's anti-Muslim season, apparently, and they've been zealous in whipping up irrational fears and hatred for weeks.

This sort of excess is a speciality of talk radio, Fox News wingbags and Tea Party folks, even when it works against U.S. interests. 

Given their fanning of these flames, it's increasingly difficult to buy their claims of True Blue Americanism.

Media Matters has collected big sample of right-wing hysteria and hate speech. Read it here: Media rife with anti-Muslim rhetoric.

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Tulsan said...

We live in an Age of Unreason, mostly thanks to the likes of Fox News and their patrons, the GOP.

Personally, I think the party is treasonous. They couldn't do a better job of tearing down our country if they were trying to do that vs. going for political gain and power.

It seem to me that the loss of the Soviet Union as a rival made these people forget about good behavior toward the rest of the world. We were trying to persuade the world that our system was better than the Communists.

I guess without that competition, we got lazy and arrogant. Our right-wing crazies have deliberately been empowered.

They need to be unempowered. They're nuts.