Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Newt Goes Birther; Claims Obama Is an 'African Colonial'

Newt Gingrich has taken a well-deserved public beating in the last few days for going off the deep end on the Right's "Obama isn't one of us" campaign.

It's all hogwash, but Talk Radio and the Fox pundits keep pushing this line in spite of its transparent silliness.

To hear the wingnuts talk, Obama was born somewhere else (Kenya? Indonesia?), so he's not a citizen and—even worse—he's a socialist/communist/fascist and an anti-American zealot who hates all white people.

This makes a good tall tale, especially if you happen to be a paranoid racist with little grasp of reality. 

Read more here: Highbrow birtherism.


Tulsan said...

Too bad for Newt. He's one of those pointy-headed intellectuals (a perfesser, ain't he?) that George Wallace spoke of. That will get him less than nowhere with Teabaggers. They love Palin and anyone she endorses.

Chris said...

Personal story about Newt by writer