Friday, December 18, 2009

Political Lie of the Year: Sarah Palin's Fake 'Death Panels'

The fact-checkers at Politifact have awarded their first ever "Lie of the Year." To the surprise of almost no thinking person, the winner is ex-Gov. Sarah Palin and her infamous "death panels" claim.

It was a bald-faced lie, as PolitiFact has documented.

Like many conservative true believers (Beck, Hannity, Rush, et. al.), Palin lied about health care reform, resorting to scare tactics to score political points.

With leadership this lame and dishonest, it's no wonder the conservative movement is in disarray. The full PolitiFact report is here.

By the way, the runner-up in the Lie of the Year sweepstakes was none other than Fox News fruitcake Glenn Beck.


Anonymous said...

A government appointed panel that decides who will and will not receive certain medical care and procedures based on age, is a death panel.

Tulsan said...

Medicare end-of-life planning is hardly equivalent to "death panels" for seniors as Palin claimed.

She's a nitwit as are most of her followers. Did you catch her interviews with Katie Couric, then Charles Gibson. What a dunce! The GOP must really hate us to put her within spitting distance of the White House.