Monday, July 7, 2008

Oklahoma Republicans Vote Against Vets

Oklahoma Republicans love to talk about supporting the troops. Too bad their talk is, to put it plainly, pure bullcrap.

We're talking about the recent bill that dramatically improved benefits for our vets, all those men and women the GOP claims to support. The bill passed the House the other day by a vote of 256-166. The President—who vocally opposed the bill—suddenly reversed course and signed it, pretending that he supported it all along.

How did Oklahoma's Republican representatives vote on this important legislation? You guessed it: They followed the party line, voting against increased veterans benefits.

A check of the voting record shows that Tulsa Rep. John Sullivan voted "nay." Ditto GOP leader Rep. Tom Cole. Same with OKC Rep. Mary Fallin. To be fair, Rep. Dan Boren, the state's only Democrat in the House, also cast his bone-headed vote against the bill. So much for supporting the troops!

Oklahoma's gutless legislators—supporting the vets only when it's cheap.


Dan Paden said...

I don't know the details of this bill, so will not attempt to argue the merits or demerits thereof. I am curious, though: I assume that there is some point at which you would say that veterans' benefits would be too high. What would that point be, and why choose it?

Tulsan said...

I'd hate to be accused of being too compassionate, but how about timely claims processing for starters?

Thomas said...

They where trying to stay in lock step with our most loved President and he tricked them by changing his mind at the last minute, it's George's fault ... yeah that's it!