Wednesday, July 30, 2008

GOP Justice: The Bushies Break the Law

Remember Alberto Gonzales, close friend of George W. Bush and former attorney general of the U.S and one of the most forgetful persons to testify before Congress?

Remember when charges were flying that Gonzales and his cronies were packing the Justice Department with political conservatives and disqualifying anyone with a hint of liberalism, even when the liberals were more qualified?

If not, here's the mid-summer update: Top aides to Gonzales broke the law. One of these aides was Gonzales' White House liaison Monica Goodling, a graduate of Pat Robertson's "Christian" law school in Virginia.

Who says? None other than the Justice Department's Office of Inspector General, hardly a partisan outfit.

Although Gonzales himself was not implicated in the report, the whole business stinks. One of those named in the report was Gonzales' chief of staff, Kyle Sampson.

Despite the facts, Oklahoma's junior senator, Tom Coburn, argued today that the problems at Justice were limited to low-level staffers.

Sorry, Doc, that's not true. The chief of staff was no newbie, even if Goodling was. And then there's Gonzales, whose remarkable ability to forget meetings he attended and key conservations he heard has thus far shielded him from legal liability.


Tulsan said...

"Tom Coburn argued today that the problems at Justice were limited to low-level staffers."

The sad thing is, Coburn probably really does believe that, even after listening to Gonzalez' surreally lame and mendacious testimony.

Tulsan said...

Sorry, that spelling is "Gonzales."