Friday, July 18, 2008

Bush the Appeaser: Our Man George Flip-Flops on (Yikes!) Talks with Iran

When it comes to foreign policy, George Bush has no problem saying one thing, but doing another.

Only a few weeks ago, Bush made an overheated speech to the Israeli government comparing talks with Iran to 1930s appeasement of Nazi Germany. GOP operatives made sure to link Bush's comment to Sen. Barack Obama's earlier statement that his administration would be willing to sit down with Iran.

This week the Bushies flip-flopped on Iran talks, sending a senior diplomat to meet with an Iranian representatives in Geneva. Who's the appeaser now, George?

Here's an account of the flip-flop (that Condi Rice swears is NOT a flip-flop) from the Christian Science Monitor:
In a surprising development in the tense American-Iranian relationship, the US announced this week that it would send a high-level State Department official to attend talks with Iranian nuclear negotiators in Switzerland over the weekend. This unexpected policy turn comes after a tense, saber rattling summer during which the US, Israel, and Iran have traded threats, staged war games, and tested weapons.

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