Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gay-Basher Reinhart Loses in Oklahoma County

The AltTulsa team doesn't live in Oklahoma County, but we were happy to see that the incredibly homophobic Brent Reinhart lost his reelection bid as District 2 commissioner there. 

In the Republican primary yesterday, District 2 voters gave Reinhart only 21 percent of the vote, well behind Brian Maughan at 47 percent and J.D. Johnston at 31 percent. That means Reinhart, the incumbent, is out of the race, thank goodness. 

Reinhart, you may remember, recently published a comic book focusing on gays and their evil ways in Oklahoma, a move widely seen as ploy to divert attention from his own legal problems. 

Interviewed about the comic book by CNN, Reinhart claimed that the "gay agenda" was an important issue in Oklahoma County. 

Apparently, the District 2 voters didn't agree. Bye, Brent. 


Tulsan said...

Looks like I fell right into Brent's cretinous cartoon trap. No consequences...except to Brent.

Tulsan said...

The scariest thing is, 21% actually voted for this imbecile.