Wednesday, January 30, 2008

McCain's Candidacy Poses Problems on the Right, Maybe Even in Oklahoma

Headline of the Day, courtesy of McCain becomes front-runner.

But McCain's rise to the top of the Republican heap is causing a fair amount of consternation in conservative circles, which have been blasting McCain for months on immigration and other issues.

Driving in this morning, for example, we heard the always-cranky radio yapper, Neal Boortz, and a disgruntled caller take McCain apart for numerous transgressions of the party line.

Despite McCain's troubles with the right-wing faithful, we see new reports that the Arizona senator is now leading in the polls in the Sooner state, where we've been predicting a Huckabee win. The former Arkansas governor once looked to be the GOP's best bet in Oklahoma.

On the other hand, we hear that Huck is low on cash, which doesn't bode well for his prospects in Oklahoma and other Super Tuesday states.


Tulsan said...

I can't figure out why Huckabee gets as much love as he does in Oklahoma. As Arkansas governor, he threatened to divert the Illinois River away from Oklahoma if we didn't take their mass quantities of chicken poop and like it.

Tulsan said...

Limbaugh against McCain:

"I will not retire, I will not concede. I will not drift away! I will not fade away, until every American agrees with me."

I think Rush just told us that he will be for McCain by next week, and he will have always been for McCain.

Tulsan said...

Re the GOP debate this evening:

If anyone at home was playing the old "Hello, Bob" drinking game with the words "Ronald Reagan," he would have been under the table after the first ten minutes.

Tulsan said...

McCain thought for the day:

"Yes, he's a social conservative, but his heart isn't in this stuff," one former aide told me, referring to McCain's instinctual unwillingness to impose on others his personal views about issues such as religion, sexuality, and abortion. "But he has to pretend [that it is], and he's not a good enough actor to pull it off. He just can't fake it well enough."

Vanity Fair article, 2/2007

Tulsan said...

Here's a sample of the "always-cranky radio yapper, Neal Boortz" on Hurricane Katrina victims:

"When these Katrina so-called refugees were scattered about the country, it was just a glorified episode of putting out the garbage."

Boortz also described New Orleans as "a city of parasites, a city of people who could not and had no desire to fend for themselves."

He's quite a charmer.

Alternative Tulsa said...

tulsan: Thanks for your comments. We also saw the Boortz comments on New Orleans—talk about a broad brush! As you say, quite a charmer.