Wednesday, January 23, 2008

About Those Taxes: Another Lawmaker Falls Behind

The same week that the Oklahoman revealed that five state legislators, three Democrats and two Republicans, had failed to file their state income tax returns, the Tulsa World discovered that Rep. Dan Sullivan, a Tulsa Republican, is behind on his property taxes.

Sullivan confirmed to the World that he owes almost $7,000 in taxes on a Tulsa home and a condo in Oklahoma City. Sullivan explained the problem by noting his on-going divorce and recent heart surgery, which actually sound like compelling reasons for falling behind on your taxes.

But Sullivan, an attorney, hardly looks like a model of conservative virtue in these circumstances. Tulsa voters should keep this in mind come election day.

The same problem is hovering over the Republican Speaker of the House, Rep. Lance Cargill, who failed to file his state tax returns for two years. At a news conference Tuesday, the World reported, Cargill refused to discuss the matter.

"I am human, and I made a mistake," Cargill told the paper.

Well, Lance, you're not the only one. Perhaps the voters of Harrah made a mistake too.

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Dan Paden said...

...the voters of Harrah made a mistake too.

Ever been to Harrah? It is so small, you might be better off asking about "the voter of Harrah."