Monday, January 21, 2008

Chuck Norris Plays the Age Card, Badly

Martial arts expert and B-movie actor Chuck Norris is one of our favorite Oklahomans. Hey, who can argue with a guy who used his fast hands and quick kicks to become a movie and television star?

But when it comes to politics, we part company with our fellow Sooner. Norris, as most everyone knows by now, is a big fan of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. Norris, it seems, loves Huck's right-wing politics and conservative social views.

But Norris did Huckabee no favors the other day when he claimed that Arizona Sen. John McCain was too old to be president and might nor survive a full four-year term.

How does Norris know? He doesn't, of course, which is why such speculation was a dumb idea.

Oh, there's also this: Norris, who has played a Vietnam veteran in the movies, was blasting an actual Vietnam veteran, one who survived five years as a POW and came away a war hero.

Earth to Chuck: Might be time to stay silent. Huck doesn't need any more friends like this.

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Dan Paden said...

Y'know, my gripe with McCain isn't his age, but c'mon--at 72, tell me you wouldn't at least want the very best vice-presidential candidate to be found. It's true that an awful lot of folks live to be 85 or even older without completely losing it, but I spend a lot of time in nursing homes, and, sorry to say, it's no exaggeration that anything can happen at McCain's age. Not that that should disqualify him from the presidency, but you can't blame people for taking it into account.