Friday, March 9, 2007

Urban Tulsa in Fantasyland: Dream On

We had no idea how lucky we were to live in Tulsa.

Who knew that
T-Town's alternative weekly, Urban Tulsa, is "the city's most open-minded, un-biased [sic], balanced, unconventional publication."

Who says so?
Why the editor of Urban Tulsa, of course. In a classic example of editorial self-congratulation, this week's issue of UT includes an editor's note in which the editor does rhetorical backflips over his own publication.

Too bad UT's editor grossly overstates his case.
UT has occasional moments of interest and flickers of insight, but most of its editorials, columns and reporting are hopelessly dull and conventionally right-of-center, hardly the stuff Tulsa readers need. More often than not, to quote Gertrude Stein, "there's no there there"—little enterprise reporting, boring design, and GOP opinions fresh from the 1950s (or merely downloaded from a right-wing think tank in OKC).

we're supposed to accept this as "open-minded, un-biased [sic], balanced and unconventional" journalism?

UT, but no thanks. We'll look elsewhere.

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Buster said...

For example, look at this piece of Urban Tulsa boiler plate propaganda from an oil company-bankrolled "think tank": Chill Out: Global warming hysteria based on ignorance. Check out the reader comments to find out more about how the author is "in the tank".