Thursday, March 8, 2007

Coulter Watch Week 2: More Newspapers Drop Her Column

Our favorite right-wing bomb thrower (see our posts last week), Ann Coulter, is paying a price for her overheated personal attacks.

We read today that another newspaper has dropped Ms. Coulter's syndicated newspaper column, the fourth newspaper to do so since she called Demcoratic presidential candidate a "faggot" at last week's Conservative Political Action Committee meeting in Washington.

It couldn't happen to a more appropriate person. Ms. Coulter has lived well for years now as a verbal destroyer of liberals and other perceived enemies. But she was always guilty of hyperbole. Liberals weren't merely wrong or misguided in Coulter's world, they were dupes and traitors, actively working against the U.S. and helping the terrorists win.

But even Godless liberals are more complicated (and more patriotic) than that. And no matter what you think of John Edwards or his politics, calling him a faggot cannot be considered serious political analysis.

From what we can tell, the newspapers who are dropping Coulter aren't dropping conservative commentaries. They're just dropping her.

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