Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Coulter Watch Update: More Column Cancellations

Ann Coulter's editorial slide gets a little bit steeper.

As we've been reporting recently, Ms. Coulter's idiotic line about Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards being a "faggot" is hurting her syndicated column.

As of today, a total of nine newspapers have dropped her column.

We don't expect Ms. Coulter to fade away, but we do appreciate the gesture. Why? Because Ms. Coulter was never really about thoughtful or informed political discourse. She has always been (and is) more interested in dropping verbal A-bombs on her opponents than anything else.

Such grandstanding has made her rich and famous, to be sure, but it's a minor achievement. It's not hard to become rich and famous if you really want that. To wit: Anna Nicole Smith, Paris Hilton, and many, many others—all famous for being famous.


Denise said...

Coulter...as hateful as she is wildly inaccurate.

LOL, from Americablog:

Anonymous said...

Anne Coulter is to journalism what professional wrestling is to sports. Only children and half-wits take them seriously, but it's fun to watch someone get body-slammed every now and then. I'm not opposed to newspapers carrying her column, but they should put it on the comics page rather than with the op/eds.