Friday, August 26, 2011

So Great! Gawker Ranking Puts Oklahoma in the Pits

The Sooner state did not rise to the top of the heap in the cheeky state rankings devised by the folks at Gawker, a cheekier-than-thou website based in New York City.

No, sports fans, us Okies live on The Prairie, which is not a compliment. Our landscape, the Gawker folks helpfully point out, is just plain sh***y.

But, hey, Tulsa comes off better than the rest of the state. We are home to Hanson, after all, which is a compliment.

The Gawker profile also highlights State Rep. Sally Kern, one the nation's greatest homophobes. She's one of the reasons Oklahoma ranks so low.

In any case, we didn't come in last, which is something. Read all about it here.

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worker33 said...

maybe we can get some folks together & take them noodling or snipe tellin what might happen...maybe okie style deliverance or a come ta jesus reckoning...wouldn't wanna hurt them, just divert some piss back onto them