Monday, August 29, 2011

The Incredible Shrinking Tea Party: More Bad Numbers for Hysterical Conservative Whiners

Yes, they are noisy. Yes, they capture the headlines, not to mention the heart and soul of the once-proud Republican Party.

But the Tea Party popularity is waning, according to a recent poll. In fact, the new numbers show the Tea(t) Party with an unfavorable rating at 46 percent. Only 28 percent of those polled viewed the Tea party favorably.

Even Tea Party favorite Michele Bachmann is slipping in the polls, in part because of another conservative darling, Texas Gov. Rick Perry. 

Speaking of Perry, he was in Tulsa today, raising cash and accepting the endorsement of Sen. Jim Inhofe. Given Inhofe's dismal standing in the reality-based world outside of the Sooner state, his endorsement will result in more votes for President Obama. Good work, Jim!

The Tea Party polling details are here.


Tulsan said...

Hey there AT, was that a Freudian slip when you called it the "Teat Party"? You can bet all those supposed "small government conservatives" would be clamoring for the federal teat if they happened to be the ones touched by hurricane or earthquake. Bunch of hypocrites.

Of course Inhofe would love Perry. He's a know-nothing yay-hoo in the same rarified class as Inhofe himself.

Man of the West said...

I'm about as impressed by that one as you will be by this one.

Tulsan said...

It may surprise you to learn that I have not been thrilled by Obama and his acceptance of the right-wing framing of issues, followed by his "moderate" interpolation between the Right and his own diminished-in-enthusiasm base.

Liberals/progressives are in much the same position hard conservatives were in with McCain as their candidate. Not happy but nowhere else to go.

Tulsan said...

Hypocritical Republican/Tea Party story:

"GOP Freshman Under Fire For Demanding Offsets For Disaster Relief In Her Own District"

I bet many of those red district voters are big hate radio listeners who see no contradiction in hollering for both small gov't then federal relief. Crazy old Ron Paul added a timely call to abolish FEMA. Can these voters ever put 2 + 2 together?

The whole business of demanding offsets as voiced yesterday by Eric Cantor is just another example of our country being held hostage by the GOP. Vote 'em out.