Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rep. Sullivan Speaks: Surprise! He Blames Obama

Rep. John Sullivan is nothing if not partisan. Whenever he opens his mouth, he bashes everyone to the left of Attila the Hun.

So naturally Sullivan couldn't make nice about the Republican-created debt ceiling crisis, one that resulted in a U.S. credit downgrade by the credit rating agency Standard & Poor's.

To hear Sullivan tell it, it's all Obama's fault—no mention of House Speaker John Boehner or the Tea Party gang who orchestrated the entire mess.

According to Sullivan, the downgrade is "a clear signal that President Obama and his economic team are in way over their heads when it comes to the economy."

Actually, no. That assessment doesn't even square with the S&P statement on the credit downgrade, which pointed out that partisanship and a failure to raise revenues were a continuing problem in Washington.

The president—not Republican leader Boehner and certainly not the Tea Party "hostage takers"—turned out to be the adult in the room during the debt limit negotiations, as recent polls have made clear.

The polls also show that Congress's approval ratings have sunk to a historic low. Here in T-town, it's clear why those approval numbers are so low.


Man of the West said...

Here in T-town, it's clear why those approval numbers are so low.

Heh. Betcha dollars to donuts that "T-town" and the rest of Oklahoma vote so solidly against Obama next year that you'll be suffering whiplash for a month.

offlogic said...

No doubt, Mon'o'th'West.... do you live amongst the primitive savages here, or just observe from afar?

Bossman said...

Oklahomans are a flock of dodos who keep voting for more predators.

Tulsan said...

I saw today that Eric Cantor called for less taking of the economy as hostage by the GOP in the future. Did he just blink?