Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tulsa Councilor Mautino's Idiotic 'Hissy Fit'

It's piling on, we know, but we can't let Tulsa City Councilor Jim Mautino's recent public meltdown go without adding our two cents.

For those of you who missed it, a quick refresher: At a council committee meeting earlier this week, Mautino went into full rant mode, berating a city employee over some proposed animal welfare regulations.

Instead of working through the differences in a calm and rational fashion, Mautino went into what the Tulsa World editorial called (correctly) a "hissy fit."

"Mautino seemed to have his own agenda," the editorial noted, "and that was to embarrass anyone who disagreed him and to belittle anyone on Mayor Dewey Bartlett's staff."

Hey, Jim, mission accomplished!

As city hall observers have noted, this is yet another embarrassment for the city council, which has no distinguished itself in recent months.

Read the full World editorial here.